“Anna Sutyagina amazes with her vision, desire and ability to break the mold of traditional classical music presentation”. June 21, 2016 Summer Issue, 2016. Vol. 2 Piano Performer Magazine        

Anna Sutyagina is a concert pianist and artistic director of a curated internet platform for post-classical music “Moving Classics TV”   On the Internet platform MOVING CLASSICS TV, which she founded, she recorded compositions by over 450 leading contemporary composers with whom she is in direct contact. With her extensive repertoire and her outstanding talent for interpretation, she is one of the best-known pianists for new piano music.

“On the Internet TV channel Moving Classics TV, Anna Sutyagina’s beautiful, convincing, precise, poetic and powerful piano playing elevates souls and hearts to heavenly ones in first-class, artistic videos Joy! “28.03.2018 Naji Hakim, composer, pianist   and organist, successor to Olivier Messian

“The music … new music, played by Anna Sutyagina.
She bravely and generously showcases new composers, supports them as much as she can.
She also has a very creative approach to this mission of hers. Interviews, blogs, visual art mixed with musical.
There is beauty to be found here.
Musical beauty under Anna’s fingers, and her creation Moving Classics TV. ” Gaby Kapps, composer

Dreaming and exploring something new are the leitmotifs of Anna Sutyagina’s artistic creation . Still shaped by the traditional training of the Russian school, the pianist opened up to new developments early on in order to allow more space for the imagination in her playing. In the Münchner Salon , which she founded, she combined music and literature in a theatrical form and the work and artistic influences of strong women such as Sappho, Lou Salomé, George Sand, Martha Gellhorn, Kathi Kobus, Madame Pompadour or Anais Nin processed. She started experimenting with music and light at an early age and, together with lighting designers, developed a concert performance under the name “Concerti Illumini” . In video clips her famous musical works were staged.   Concerts, such as in the Herkulessaal in Munich with over 1000 listeners, but above all discussion concerts with 30 – 200 listeners in a wide variety of locations shape her artistic work. As a pianist of the modern generation, she is very present in social media . Over 15,000 visitors regularly see and hear your weekly recordings on Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.

Anna Sutyagina, born in Tomsk (Russia), received her first piano lessons from her mother when she was 5 years old. She studied piano and literature in Tomsk, Russia, with semesters abroad in Oklahoma – USA and Frankfurt am Main – Germany (two scholarships: The American Collegiate Consortium and DAAD). She received further artistic impulses from private studies and master classes with Volker Banfield, Ewa Kupiec, Matthias Kirschnereit and Marina Horak. Anna Sutyagina lives in Munich and works with   Michael Leslie.


An Interview with Anna Sutyagina