Visual Classics

I always thought that the music should return to the origin from which it sprang: fantasy and imagination. I have believed that real music that inspires and has mysterious origins, should be presented imaginatively. This way it comes back to the listeners.

“Moving classics” music videos are my attempt to achieve it. The well-known music pieces can get new aspects and pictures make the music more memorable. The musical interpretation receives an additional individual creative touch.

The film critic  Bela Balázs characterized it this way:“ I can imagine an organic collection of „pure music“ with the film. It is not music that accompanies the images, but the images appear as an accompaniment to the music. The ideas are awakened through listening, fantasy goes by like a cloud and music. It is all reality. The images are glimmering in our sub-consciousness. It is not the film with music; it is music with the film” (The visible man, 1924)