Rumi – Oriental Dreams

The Orient -Theme has been a recurrent issue in the European music since the 18th century. Encouraged by the discovery of new trade routes from Egypt to India many composers added the exotic and enigmatic sounds into their work. The mysterious harems, the desert and camel Karawans, fragrant roses in the oases, whirling dervishes and sensual females veiled in black arouse our curiosity and also show how our own wishes, desires and ideas can be projected into the orient.

The music program of the evening is works by Mozart, Granados and contemporary Lebanese and Indian composers for flute, violin, guitar and piano. The literary core of the soiree is the most beautiful poems of the Persian poet, mystic and founder of the Order of the Whirling Dervishes Jalal od-Din Rumi (1207-1273). It is said that “he combines the intellect of a Plato with the visionary power of a Buddha and the word violence of Shakespeare”. The salon presents his thoughts and verses about love as the main driver of the universe. As Arab countries see the dance as a an important part of all festive occasions, a sensual belly dance is also a part of the Oriental program of Anna Sutyagina’s Music Salon and invites the audience to dream.



Oriental Dreams