The Traunstein landlady Kathi Kobus opened in May 1903 the legendary artist pub “Simplicissimus” in Munich Türkenstrasse 57. Frank Wedekind, Olaf Gulbransson and others move into the new premises and become regulars there and open a new satirical magazine. Kobus employed henceforth her “house poet” Karl Valentin and Joachim Ringelnatz on the Cabaret stage in the pub. The penniless writer and painter Ringelnatz had to earn his living by reading his gymnastic, animal and sailor poems. Tossed back and forth between obscure business ideas, poetry and poor living conditions, Ringelnatz leaves Munich and moves to Berlin with Leonharda “Shell” Pieper.

The salon looks back to Schwabing as a mecca of cabaret and satire and place of disturbing the peace in Munich. Joachim Ringelnatz is famous not only for his poetic works, but also as a visual artist:  draftsman, caricaturist and painter who took a fresh look at the events of the Weimar Republic.

The literary core of the Soiree is the excerpts from the literary and biographical work of Joachim Ringelnatz, Kathi Kobus and Leonharda Pieper.

With music by Darius Milhaud, Cyril Scott, Erwin Schulhoff, Jacque Ibert and Robert Schumann for violin, saxophone and piano.