Private Concerts

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House concerts, private concerts for small audiences, private salons

A concert can be much more than the great symphony concert in the evening. It can be very inspiring to listen to the sound of piano music in your own home as it is giving the concert a very personal private atmosphere. This can take various forms – the piano matinee perhaps with some tasty breakfast, musical entertainment for coffee and cake in the afternoon or the background music for dinner and late-night discussion.
Ceremonial occasions and parties do not go without beautiful music with the music selection tailored to the individual needs of the host and accompanied on request by moderation.
The hosts present their homes in a different way and allow their friends and neighbors to enjoy culture in a very pleasant atmosphere. The guests experience the music very close and can approach artists after the concert.

I can support you with choosing the right music for your audience and your event!

History of private music salons
Private salons played in the 19th century Europe a special role and were a major focal point for the social life.

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