The Russian-born novelist, essayist and psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé, meets Friedrich Nietzsche in the spring of 1882 at the Salon Malwida of Meysenburgs in Rome. Lou Salomé, who already established contacts to numerous thinkers of the time, developed a platonic love affair with the philosopher.

Nietzsche considered his creativity to be at risk through feedback of Lou Salomé but the personal and intellectual aspects of this relationship seemed to have influenced his thinking and his writings.

The salon uses the form of dramatic dialogue, reading of the letters and diaries of Lou Salome and works of Friedrich Nietzsche on stage.

The music used is compositions for voice and piano by Brahms, Nietzsche, Wagner and piano music of Scriabin.



Lou Salome and
Friedrich Nietsche


Beyond Good and Evil