Salonière Anna

According to Walter Benjamin, the salon is a “box”, out of which one can see „World Theater” and the fate of the individual. In the spring of 2010, the pianist Anna Sutyagina initiated a music salon in Munich that takes place every 6 months and can be understood as the combination of literary texts, classical music and scenic design.

The soirees are devoted to the outstanding personalities from different ages and different walks of life. The tension between the art and worldly constraints and the responses of these people to the eternal questions of love, power, war and peace, freedom etc. are recurring themes of these evenings.

The literary works, letters and diary entries go hand in hand with the selection of music that fits to the theme. Music in various instrumental and vocal ensembles augments the effect of texts and creates the special atmosphere that is enhanced by scenic design. Through the combination of various genres we have a new form of art.

The series “Anna Sutyagina`s music salon” cooperates with the theater group “Post-it Productions” and is supported by the Director Jörn Mensching. The Soirees premiere take place in Munich Steinway House. The multiplication of the productions is planned in the German-speaking area. The salons can be booked through HS Classics, either complete as performed on stage or arranged individually or redesigned.

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